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Westword: Colorado Creatives: Kat Gurley

"As artistic director, dancer/choreographer Kat Gurley guides her modern dance troupe Wild Heart wielding a process that flies on pure emotion and movement, viscerally free from being boxed up by ideology and rules. After earning her BFA at the University of Colorado Boulder, Gurley stayed in the area, teaching and performing with the open heart alluded to in the name of her company.


Gurley talks about what fires the spontaneous physicality of her work as she tackles the Colorado Creatives questionnaire..." read more

Audience Responses:
The Fall

"Experiencing Wild Heart’s 'The Fall' could be described as otherworldly. But really, it’s very much of this world. It’s a reminder that Heaven is on Earth and quite often manifests through the body. What a strange and beautiful experience to have something so intensely physical remind you of your formless. And in the next moment, bring you so fully into your body. And then back to the formless… This show breaks you open, reminds you that you are more than your mind could ever imagine, and allows you to pour forward into all of life – into all of its heartbreak and all of its joy. What a gift!"
– Maureen Daberkow

"I experienced Kat Gurley's 'The Fall' as a transformative moving meditation that vibrated within my body. There were moments of uplifting intensity that swept over me and unlocked buried yearnings of the heart. The 6 dancers would rise into the air and fall into the ground with a breathtaking ease. I appreciated the simple set and costumes, along with the experiential movement quality of the dancers. With these elements the Fall created an egoless backdrop for me to deeply personalize my experience and interpretation."
– Sabrina Cavins   

303Magazine: Elephant Revival's Grand Finale

"Last night, there was rain. There was howling at the moon. There were ballgowns and plastic ponchos. There were special guests galore. It was Elephant Revival’s grand finale at Red Rocks, and they bid us a fond farewell in classic Elephant Revival style..." read more

Watch Wild Heart's Red Rocks performance with Elephant Revival:

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 5.30.01 PM.png

Westword: Fall Into Your Own Wild Heart With This Contemporary Dance Company

"Wild Heart pushes the limits of contemporary dance.

The group's works are not plot-heavy, and the movements, while performed by professionally trained dancers, are rooted less in specifically named steps and more in feeling. Imagine someone pulled across the stage by a notion or a concept rather than prescribed moves. That's the aim of Wild Heart.

'Our whole beings are on the line. The audience gets to ride our curves, be inside our flesh, move through our muscles, and put their weight on our bones,' the company's website states..." read more

Katherine Kaufman: Audience Response:
The Fall

"Last night I saw Kat Gurley’s, Wild Heart Dance company perform 'The Fall.' She knows how to stay with a theme. The dancers show their complete commitment to each motion. Costumed in open back leotards and cargo pants, they repeatedly walk a few steps forward and with no preparation, roll forward on their shoulders. The roll starts out fast, with gravity, and then slows midway. Arms relaxed, they use an inner momentum to stand as magically as they went down, so close to being in the actual moment that it’s almost like they forgot they rolled at all. They move, then stop and stand like everything is new..." read more

Daily Camera: Wild Heart Dance’s Boulder show a journey through creation’s cycle

"Life has no clear path. Its journey can be a real punch in the face and pain in the heart. But we have to get through it.

Kat Gurley, founder and artistic director of the Front Range contemporary dance group Wild Heart Dance, choreographed a journey on the throes of life that takes the audience through the five elements of physical creation in 'The Last Land Before Sky.'..." read more

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