10:00-11:30 AM

Colorado Conservatory of Dance

3001 Industrial Lane #12 Broomfield CO 80020.

Drop In: $18 | $15 for Students/Artists 

12 Class Card:


$175 | $150 for Students/Artists

Fall Class Series

with artistic director Kat Gurley


Mondays: Open to All

August 26 – December 9, 2019

Open to All Movers

Tuesdays: Open Company Class

August 27 – November 12, 2019

Open to Advanced Movers

Thursdays: Specialty Workshops

August 29 – November 14, 2019

Open to Intermediate Movers

These workshops will focus on:


Dancing with Another: using partnering as an opportunity to shift our focus from ourselves to another.


Dancing within an Ensemble: using group dancing to shift our focus from being right to be in right relationship.

Dancing as an Original Form of Play into Reverence: using our natural instincts to play while moving in order to shift our focus from one of control to one of reverence. 


Open to All


Wild Heart’s 'Open to All' contemporary modern class is first and foremost a practice of discovery.  This class will engage and encourage a full-bodied effort into encountering the intelligence of our skin, tissues, bones and cells.  This physical discovery of body will draw the dancer closer to moving from center.  From this movement the dancer can begin to experience the energetic body.  Within this subtler aspect of movement, the dancer has the opportunity to open to others through the danced expression of self.   All dancers are welcome to this class and encouraged to come with beginner’s mind. 


for Advanced Movers 


Wild Heart’s advanced contemporary modern class investigates a more animalistic and energetic approach to dance.  It is highly physical, challenging long held levels of comfort and understanding to awaken undiscovered capacities with each dancer. It uses more traditional modern dance modalities as well as more contemporary and improvisational structures to awaken the animal body. It uses a strong rhythmical base as well as a play between raw power and release to get each dancer invested in not only individual experience, but also the generosity necessary for connection to one another.


Drop In: $18 | $15 for Students/Artists 

12 Class Card: $175 | $150 for Students/Artists

Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted

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