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Master Classes with Artistic Director Kat Gurley, plus specialized style classes with Wild Heart company members.

Residencies to fit your organization's needs including classes, workshops, repertory performances, and setting of choreographic work.

Performance of original work and repertory. Full concerts available as well as excerpted work include:

GRACE (premiered September 2021)

Wild Heart Dance presents its newest creation. Grace is a dance of adoration and exaltation, falling and weaving through each season, each day and each moment. A celebration of the precious gift of being alive and the profound purpose to love and love fully.


Duration: 55 minutes | Space: multi space design with proscenium configuration ideal.

“We saw “Grace” on Sunday - we expected it to be good, but not great. It was great. As good as anything to be seen anywhere.” – Audience Member

THE FALL (premiered April 2019)

The Fall is an edgeless journey without a beginning, middle or end. Here the dancers concede what is not true and find themselves in free fall. They ebb and flow within form into the formless. No movement is without connection and no compass is needed because there is nowhere to go and nowhere to get to. The dancers discover that whether you are falling from grace or falling into grace you are entering the same space. Here they encounter a truth independent of belief and a knowing so intimate and yet so vast, that there is nothing left to do but fall.


Duration: 55 minutes | Space: multi space design with in-round or immersive configuration for ideal perspective. 

“I didn’t know what it was like to have a body until I watched Wild Heart dance” – Silvine Farnell, audience member

THE LAST LAND BEFORE SKY (premiered March 2018)


A collaboration between Wild Heart Dance and Kendall Perry Music, The Last Land Before Sky is a journey through the five elements of physical creation.  Through each elemental passage: the earth making sound, voyage of blue, feet finding stardust, life ablaze, and where we meet the edge, we are on a path of discovery through our humanity and into what’s beyond.


Duration: 50 minutes | Space: multi space design with proscenium configuration ideal.

“Fierce, feminine, luscious, finely crafted collaboration!”– Lyra Mayfield, audience member

THE BELOVED (premiered April 2017)

A collaboration between Wild Heart Dance and Kendall Perry Music, The Beloved calls to us with a warm breeze and heralds as loudly as the drums that dance our feet. Here there is a lifetime of music to be written and praises to be danced. The Beloved is waiting: pulling us into this very moment and toward our truest potential. All we have to do is say, “YES”.


Duration: 55 minutes | Space: multi space design with in-round configuration, proscenium, and thrust theatre designs available.

“Physical transformation is what can happen through very intimate and powerful dance. It's like the body can wake up from dreaming in moments, and at the same time be fully felt as a glorious expression of spirit… this is Wild Heart's mission.” – Kat Gurley, Artistic Director

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